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6 Industries That Would Benefit From Virtual Tours

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Virtual Tours are the next big thing for advertising in many different industries such as real estate and tourism, and even car sales!

If your industry is listed or you want to know more please don't hesitate to contact us here.

Let's get started!

1. Real Estate

This shouldn't be a surprise. The real estate industry is where it all started.

Real Estate tops the list simply because of all the amazing benefits and the value its given sellers and landlords alike.

Sellers can get higher prices for their homes mostly because of virtual tours.

Virtual tours don't just show off the property, they make it extremely easy for a potential buyer to view from anywhere in the world.

For example a buyer may be living in Switzerland but want to invest in a property or move to the UK. If you have a virtual tour showcasing your property then they could just check out the tour of the place. This way sellers can attract more people looking to buy their home and raise the buying price.

Virtual tours can help landlords rent out their properties as well. The majority of rental properties are HMOs or student flats. There are lots of students from countries abroad or from other cities in the UK. If you have a virtual tour they will have no need to travel until they decide to view the property in person or sign a lease agreement. It saves time and money on both sides.

2. Retail

Whether its a shopping centre or just a local shop, retail is a great place where virtual tours can help you standout.

Since more store are using social media and relying on their google my business profile, it is crucial that you show off however you can.

Virtual tours aren't just for your customers viewing pleasure and advertising on social media, they also improve your ranking on Google search results.

Lets say you search for your store on Google, you and your competitors are neck and neck and nothing seems to make a difference, what else can you do to draw attention?

A virtual tour! the one thing that almost everyone is forgetting about.

You will have given Google a valuable piece of content to boost your ranking and potential customers will have a unique way to view your store.

Lots of small businesses struggle to stand out from their competition. If you have a retail store consider getting a virtual tour. Your customers and Google will love it!

3. Restaurants

Next up is restaurants!

When someone tries to look up a restaurant they are most likely to be sent to the Google My Business Profile. From there they can read reviews and check out the pictures and book a table.

But what if you have a large group? Maybe you decided to bring your family out instead of cooking tonight or maybe you want to go out with a group of friends. Whatever the case may be you will want to know if they will be able to accommodate your large group. Will you be comfortable at your table? These questions can be answered by viewing the virtual tour.

How cool would it look if you could see inside inside the restaurant straight from your phone, you could check what the seating arrangement is like and decide which table to ask for. Virtual tours make all this possible and we can add the tour straight to your Google My Business account at no extra cost!

It's the perfect addition to your current Google My Business profile and along with posting regular photos will slowly but surely start piling up views.

According to Google, "90% of customers are more likely to visit a business that has added photos or videos to their Google listing"

So if your a restaurant why would you not want to show off and stand out from the crowd?

Virtual tours for restaurants are a new tool that almost no one has started using yet. If you get there first you'll be pleasantly surprised when new business comes your way.

4. Venues

Wedding anyone?

If you've ever thrown an event, you probably wanted a cool venue rather than the corner bar, right?

Similar to restaurants using virtual tours tech, venues can benefit too.

Say you are getting married, you want to make sure the venue looks nice and is big enough for all your friends and family. So if its close by you could go have a look around, but you might be too busy planning your wedding or working, or both. You want to look at 5 or 6 venues but don't have the time but if they have a virtual tour you can have a quick look around without having to go there. You can see how big the space is if you like the style within minutes and then take a look a t a few others and make a decision.

How awesome is that, you can have a quick look at all the venues your considering without taking too much time out of your busy schedule.

It doesn't matter what kind of venue it is, whether for a convention or for weddings, a virtual tour will make your brand stronger and make it easier for your future guests to decide on the venue and whether it's worth it or not.

5. Hotels

Who doesn't love a holiday?

Virtual tours are great for hotels. They can be used to show the different types of suites and all your facilities such as a gym, swimming pool or spa.

When someone is looking for a place to stay while on holiday they want to know how big your rooms are, are they comfortable? Do you have a gym? A pool? Spa? You get the idea, people want to know what you offer and what its like.

You can put photos all over your website and Google My Business profile but they don't let anyone looking to stay there get a feel for the space. They can look around and see exactly what you offer and decide if it's worth it.

A virtual tour doesn't just give your guests a chance to look around it also makes you stand out and boosts your websites ranking on Google when added to your Google My Business account.

6. Automotive

Need to replace your car? Great! A virtual tour will ensure you pick the right one for you.

How you might be wondering?

Think of the cars you bought before. You probably spent hours researching everything that you could before you went to a dealership. After spending all that time researching and comparing Model A to Model B, you then look for a dealership offering the one you want.

Now if you were a consumer which of these would you choose?

Dealership A

Has a few reviews on Google

A few pictures of the dealership

A few boring stock photos of the car

Dealership B

Has some good reviews

A few pictures of the Dealership

Offers a virtual tour in 4K resolution along with photos

Offers information added into the tour

It's not even a competition. Dealership B gets the business.

You see your ideal car in VR360 with 4K detail, you can see every feature that you read about. You can even go and say "I'd like the blue one from the virtual tour". And you don't even need to talk to any sales rep! These cars basically sell themselves.

If your in the Automotive industry, consider getting one for your dealership. You can go Ahead and contact us and we promise to beat any price from a local business.

So.... Why Go With Us?

Regardless of the industry, we have your back.

We have experience making tours in many industries and we are happy to make a custom design at no extra cost. We can upload it to Google My Business for you as well ( Google street view not available for residential homes ).

Contact us at any time and we would be happy to help.

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