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7 Reasons For Residential Agents To Do Virtual Tours

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

1. Reduce Chances of Exposure to Covid-19

Although the national lockdown is slowly being lifted there is still a risk. Although wearing a mask reduces the risk using our virtual tours to do viewings remotely can reduce the risk to zero.

All of the communication during the viewing is handled online directly in the tour and you can show them around or they can request control and move around at their own pace while asking you any questions as they go.

To learn more about this feature please read our other blog post here.

2. Win More Listings

For estate agents in the UK, the number one task is to get properties to the market. However selling to landlords is not an exact science. An agent must do everything they can to stand out from the competition. Any service that you can offer will give you an edge over the competition.

To help local agents we offer a discounted rate if you use our services as a contractor. Contact us at any time to discuss this.

3. Secondary Viewings

A virtual tour can give you a stronger sales material along with a brochure after a viewing.

Think of it like buying a new pair of shoes. If you like them but they are expensive you keep going back to the store, looking at them online and looking at them online. For a house going back several times is not easy, but if you can give the buyer a virtual tour, that allows them to let their imagination fly..

4. Show Relatives

there is rarely only one decision maker involved in a property purchase. The buyer will likely need approval from their spouse, parents or friends (or at least be seeking their validation). Realistically not everyone will be able to attend the in-person viewing. A virtual tour allows all parties to have a look around the property at its best, without multiple viewings, saving agents' time as well as increasing the odds of a sale.

5. Rent Online

The world today moves faster then ever before. People are constantly relocating to study or work. Finding a place to live can be a tremendous hassle.

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of students moving to the UK to study. In most cases they do not have the luxury of coming here to choose a property in advance. A virtual tour allows them to view the property and make a decision and the the entire deal can be done online.

With our virtual tours you can also do live viewings without any extra software and completely integrated in the tour.

6. Cut Down on Wasted Viewings

We mentioned this earlier when we talked about doing multiple viewings for different family members.

Generally people have decided whether or not they like the property within the first few minutes. If they are able to see the property before, then they can decide whether or not it is worth it to actually book the viewing..

Although it is hard to give an exact figure clients have reported that they have seen a reduction in wasted viewings. This is because clients have already seen the property and will only visit the ones they are actually interested in.

7. Innovation

It has never been more important to keep up with how technology is changing the world. Innovate or die, so goes the saying, is truer than ever before.

Even though real estate is notoriously slow on the uptake of digital transformation, change is coming. Some of the best agencies are already deep in to their technological journey.

Virtual tours are a simple tech solution that is both cheap and fast to implement. Do not get caught on the wrong side of history. Innovate!

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