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Preparing for Your Business' Virtual Tour To Be Made

If you were wondering what to do before your virtual tour is being made or your curious as to how much preparation would be needed on your part, either way your in the right place.

We have made a guide for you to follow before we arrive to take the photos.

Is Your Business Verified on Google?

If you have requested for your virtual tour to also be added to Google Maps then you must make sure that your business is verified and you have an up to date Google My Business page, otherwise your virtual tour may only show up on Google Maps but your customers will not be able to immediately view it from your Google My Business listing. If this were to happen there would be a lot of extra waiting and frustration for you.

Preparing For Our Arrival

Make sure to walk through the entire space: Walk through and make sure there is nothing lying on the floor and that there is nothing you wouldn't want a new customer to see.

What grabs your attention? Pay attention to these areas, these are the same places that will grab attention in the virtual tour. We try to show as much as we can in the virtual tours we make but sometimes this might mean that these areas are not as prominent.

What are some eye sores that you are not so proud of? Maybe an area is often neglected and you have grown accustomed to it. Your visitors might notice notice it straight away and our cameras pick up everything. Be sure to spruce up these areas. If there are any major improvements needed we may be able to photoshop it out, if not we can come back once it's fixed.

Start Outside

When doing a tour for Google Street View we always start outside. Evaluate your business from the eye of the customer. Empty any bins or ashtrays. Sweep it up a bit outside. Any faded or half-pealed stickers you want to remove?

Schedule your landscaping company: Have them come out and trim any bushes, mow lawns and leaf-blow.

Clear up your parking area: Park elsewhere and have your staff do the same. Make sure the car park or the street in front of your business is clear of cars. We understand that you can't control where anyone else parks but do everything you can. Once we are done the front the parking space(es) are open for use again.

Wipe down windows: Make sure to clean all windows and glass doors. Clean off as many streaks and handprints as possible. Also please don't wait for us to arrive, clean early in the morning or the night before. We are not a cleaning service!

Holiday/Seasonal decorations: Either remove all decorations or if you want to keep them up we can make a tour with them included. We have special rates for any repeat customers, we even save any old tours to be reuploaded at no extra cost.

Inside Preparation

  • Consider hiring a cleaning company and have your work area professionally cleaned before our arrival.

  • Set your computer screens to display your company logo. You can usually use your default image viewer. From there you open your logo image and set it to full screen view.

  • Empty garbage canisters that are visible

  • Tidy up any cables

  • De-clutter and organize your areas

  • Add decorations to look nice if needed

  • Have a chalkboard on a wall? Write an engaging message!

  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs

  • Clean any reflective surfaces

Customers or No Customers?

This decision is up to you but we recommend no customers as then they would have to sign waivers or we would need to blur out faces.

Some business can really shine when empty and looking immaculate. Others may look better when full of customers giving the impression of a thriving business and may encourage viewers to stop by.

Again we recommend no customers but the decision is up to you. If you do decide to have your customers in the tour then we will blur out all faces to keep their anonymity safe.

Staff or No Staff in the Virtual Tour?

It depends on your industry. For example if you have receptionists sitting at a desk we recommend they stay there but if you constantly have staff running around then we will ask that they stay out of view of the camera.

If staff members will be in the tour then their faces will be blurred out, so tell them not to worry.

Point of Interest Photos will be taken (please get these items ready)

  • Business Cards

  • Endorsements\Awards

  • Menus

  • Any other items that represent your company

  • Hours of operation

  • Sculptures or paintings

For Restaurants

If possible please have ready some signature dishes to be added as points of interest in the tour (not Google Street View).

Ready For Your Virtual Tour?

If you are ready please wait for us to arrive.

If you have not arranged for a virtual tour to be made then we would be happy to help. We service all of Stirlingshire and Perth.

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