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Why a Virtual Tour Creator Should Be an Estate Agents New Best Friend

As time goes on more businesses are moving online and things are becoming virtual. For estate agents this means that virtual house/apartment tours and remote viewings are becoming more valuable. Virtual tours used to only be used by the best estate agents and now almost everyone is using them out of necessity.

Even before the outbreak of Covid-19 everything was slowly moving online, not being able to do as much business in person has only accelerated the inevitable. Whereas other industries have moved quicker than others, the estate agents have always been slow in the uptake of new technology. This could have cost many of them the opportunity and the ability to grow their business faster without them even realising.

While virtual tours were once just a way to get prospects in the door now they are the only way they can view the property they will be living in. This means that although they were predominantly used to show potential customers from abroad or as extra sales material, now they are useful to show local prospects as well.

With the world continuing to move online a virtual tour creator can be a leasing agents best friend. But only if it is done right and used in the right way.

What to Look for in a Virtual Tour Creator

There are a few types of virtual tours that are on the market. These are 360 degree virtual tours, 3D virtual tours, do-it-yourself (DIY) video tours, or live virtual tours (via Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp). But before you decide on which type of tour to go with, here are a few things to think about.

3D or 360 virtual tours can offer nicely polished virtual reality tours (VR enabled). They are also static and unless you take the time there is little personalisation that can be done. One of the arguments we often hear people use against these tours is that they eliminate the human-to-human interaction element, which is vital for the selling or leasing process. This also of virtual tours also lack the personalization of a video tour.

But we offer a free service which allows a video or audio call to be done through the virtual tour and we spend the extra time to personalize the experience. Once a template has been agreed upon it will be the basis for all of the tours we make for your agency.

Our live viewings allow you to answer questions as you go and guide the clients through the property. They can also request control to take a closer look at certain areas or ask about certain things. you can learn more here.

DIY virtual tours can offer the same level of personalisation for each prospect but they require you to pay the upfront cost of the equipment and software or be stuck paying monthly fees for online solutions. These virtual tours are rarely as polished and do not provide a smooth experience for the viewer. Having bad quality tours can make a significant difference in the interest from potential tenants or buyers. It shows that you haven't given the same time and effort to them as you do to the Landlords and current owners.

Ideally, you want a professional to take care of creating and hosting the tour on a web server. This takes the hassle of editing and sharing away from you so you can focus on your job. Grabbing any random photographer or video creator will still fall short. Having a platform built for multifamily use is key for success. This means that the virtual tour can be fully integrated into your teams procedures, just embed it to your site or add a link to sites such as Zoopla or Rightmove. This way it can be reused whenever the property is being leased again.

Outside marketing services, videographers and photographers can work great. But unlike us they will overcharge and do not give the same personalisation and free extras.

If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us or take a look around our website.

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