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Why Should Car Manufacturers and Dealerships Use Virtual Tours?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Whether you are a second hand car dealership or a manufacturer, virtual tours of your cars would help bring customers in and promote the sale of your cars. The advantage of having a virtual tour would let you sell your vehicles online in a much easier and faster way, especially since almost all businesses are moving online and technology is becoming more essential to modern day life.

You can also utilise our virtual tours for your car dealerships to give an insight to your place of business. A virtual tour will make customers more confident when buying the right car for them because they will have already viewed the car and seen its features.

Think of the cars you have bought before. You probably spent hours researching everything that you could before you went to a dealership. After spending all that time researching and comparing Model A to Model B. you then look for a dealership offering the one you want.

Now if you were a consumer which of these would you choose?

Dealership A

Has a few reviews on Google

A few pictures of the dealership

A few boring stock photos of the car

Dealership B

Has some good reviews

A few pictures of the Dealership

Offers a virtual tour in 4K resolution along with photos

Offers information added into the tour

It's not even a competition. Dealership B gets the business.

You see your ideal car in VR360 with 4K detail, you can see every feature that you read about. You can even go and say "I'd like the blue one from the virtual tour". And you don't even need to talk to any sales rep! These cars basically sell themselves.

If your in the Automotive industry, consider getting one for your dealership. You can go ahead and contact us and we promise to beat any price from a local business.

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